Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulations for Students

  1. Students should be polite, punctual, and regular.
  2. Students should complete all homework given to them.
  3. Cell phones should be switched off during the class.
  4. Fee should be paid every month in the 1st week.
  5. Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, or by online mode.
  6. Class duration will be of 75 minutes.
  7. Fee should be paid (in advance) for the full month.
  8. Admission Fee once paid cannot be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances.
  9. If classes are cancelled, the advance tuition fee will be fully refunded if not adjusted. Parents need to notify the office not less than 30 days prior to any discontinuation of classes.
  10. The classes will also include practice sessions for answer writing, which the students must take very seriously.
  11. The student needs to be completely alert and attentive and shall write down key points during the rendering of a topic by the teachers.
  12. If the teachers feel that the student is not working hard, creating indiscipline, irregular attendance, or not responding properly, the student may face disciplinary action from the Institute. The decision of the Director in this regard will be final and binding on the student/parent.
  13. Please do not do any type of transaction with the tutor.
  14. Replacement of teachers is available on demand. Any queries or complaints should be placed in the office.
  15. Study hours and academics of your child ought to be monitored by parents.
  16. We always emphasize discipline and cleanliness at every step. We do hope for adequate cooperation from the guardian in this context.