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Prayash – A Unit of JK Smart Tutorial, is being started with an objective to revolutionize competitive examination preparation in the state. Every year we see an increase in the number of candidates for various competitive examinations nationwide or in the state of Assam, which also increases the level of competition rapidly. But if we see the ratio of students who takes up a coaching and actually cracks the examinations, is very poor. Why is it so ? This is the question we should ask. 

In most coaching institutes, the number of candidates per batch or class is 80 students on an average compared to one faculty per subject. So, one on one interaction with every student is very difficult in such cases. And mostly what happens is that, the faculties focuses on few good students to score well in the entrance exams, so that the institute can get admissions the next year based on their results. This is the hard truth we all know but seldom do think upon it.

So what different are we going to do ? What can be the solution to this format of coaching ? Well, we have thought over it, researched and finally came up with a conclusion. Every student is capable of excelling at any Entrance Examinations. The need is to understand their difficulties, work on them and boost their confidence and skills. This can be achieved if a faculty, can have a one on one interaction with each student and understand their doubts and clarify them in a way that each student can understand. This is exactly what our priority will be. To focus and strengthen each student’s abilities, knowledge and confidence, so that they can succeed. So in PRAYASH, we would provide the best quality of coaching to students in small batches of 10-15 students or even personally as a private tutor to those who seek to prepare for competitive examinations.  

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